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FI MVA Pindaros Eternal Magic



Born: 29.1.2004

Eyes: clear | Patellas: 0/0 | PLL-CLEAR | NCL/CLL-CLEAR

There was something in Elsa the moment she was born and so we kept her home.
She is absolutely charming in every way, full of energy and the kindest girl you can imagine. She is our little clown and her inner child will never grow up.

She took her CAC’s very easily in juniorclass and was kept home until she turned
2 years. She became FIN CH at the first possible show. After that she's been
busy playing at home and raising all Pindaros-kids and she propably
will not be seen in show again.

Elsa is mother of Pindaros G-litter and H-litter & K-litters.



Elsa's pedigree:

INT, FIN, DK, EST, S, N, LV CH BALTW-03 Sadi-Ya’s Magic Surprise AM CH Atisha’s Magic Midnight Sun AM CH McLean’s Magic Tiger In Tuxedo
AM CH Regalia’s McLean Tiger Lily
INT, FIN, DK, EST, LUX, S, N CH NORDW-95-97 LUXW-EUW-FINW-96 Sadi-Ya’s Just Like Stars INT, FIN, S, EST, E CH WW-92 Karamain Jarkan-Dharma
FIN & EST CH Sadi-Ya’s Promise Of Joy
FIN CH W-06 La-Fon Brilliant Pearl FIN CH Pindaros Act As Charming INT, FIN, DK, EST, LUX, S, N CH YWW-91 EUW-LUXW-96 Sadi-Ya’s Prince Charming
FIN CH Chopper Heartbreaker
FIN & EST CH Budoar Golden Goose FIN & EST CH ESTW-93 Regalias Rock’m Sock’m
FIN & DK CH KBHV-91 Karamain Barnina